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7L Capital Partners Emerging Europe L.P.

A broader and stronger middle class, together with the increase in the general wealth of the population, lead to improved investment opportunities and diminishing risks.  Private equity investments continue to catalyze growth in this environment and bring exceptional returns to investors who focus on the region.

7L Capital Partners Emerging Europe L.P. invested where the prospects for growth are exceptional due to the confluence of unfolding regional realities and sectoral dynamics:

Fast Growing Sectors

  • Branded Goods and Services
    • Fundamental shift from generic to branded products, brand competition
    • Market inefficiencies, early positioning, significant opportunities with low specific business risk
  • Communications
    • For consumers and businesses
    • Across-the-board explosive demand
    • Growth due both to new services/areas/technologies and restructuring
  • Technology and Applications
    • Substantial and complementary strengths in technology development and commercialization -- innovation knows no borders
    • Significant opportunities in the transfer and deployment of existing technologies and applications

Region with Great Potential

  • Exceptional economic fundamentals, lagging economies
  • Further Phase of Development
  • Growing and Stabilizing Economies
  • Structural Changes, Economic Rationalization
  • Skilled Workforce, Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Changing Patterns of Demand, Underserved Markets
  • EU Accession; Convergence with the rest of Europe
  • Inhabitants aspire to live like their Western neighbors